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Students of CRES were treated to two engaging, interactive presentations from the MN Science Museum with CLEF funding. The World of Sound was explored with kindergarten and 1st grade. Students discovered that vibrating objects make sound.  Second through sixth graders explored what engineers do, what inspires them, and why it is important.


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9F2EeF8SGnjGdNHirW8kw5qgDY7mQfKHpXXhb8Wq4X0 5t_fzUFL8mYDvRjMy9z0NGXmb0dfOBXbVC76Q_QH7W4 bkwMyS6etQrjtzHSE5Fs5RElDJdNdz7AS3iD1d3gq1g


Students in Mr. and Mrs. Gaffney’s Comp. II and Creative Writing classes were able to attend a performance of the Crucible at the Guthrie Theater because of a CLEF grant. The trip was planned to support the learning goals within those classes. In their thank you notes students shared just how much the trip meant to them.

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7kpF__lTgTXcF9wCcEU3mZPpMpWhO4FOic3FMCpu_5E d8nwzbKsrVOcIAK0tt-5LVdwr15n8vEcppKBkJ5zBKY e6ylHUXxZKNzyVsoEVS_LKcSZb5Jwp-08E6krl9S3Rw EeU9KCBqkbT9IM9c7ICnif-800x-U2wAV15teLge-uQ iX7r5ONtcJwl1zsjvinmI7peOJkZUH_0pfsq9Ag3Sao -TG9ECHLAmP2nhAdBri61juAjBSeeZviRcwtyRCaPXA Yd8a1UsamYvh3PwzkLA1LZo9haPsLtYAHL50SVFENMA yEogfRuZ9DrUIq3gZXa_VXXwcCheS_7hjTgMM0jk1yk yg8n2P4iB8j1Fh0u5Q1AA82c0x9RdwuFflpRKtlSynU yvRSKDebdEa_iTksmoN5mEqkbytcsDaPkARa0BNfOgI

The 5th graders  of CRES spent 3 days and 2 nights at the Deep Portage Learning Center with the financial  support of CLEF. Students learned winter survival skills, went ice fishing,  cross-country skied, and even rock climbed.

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S.A.L.T. Students Attend WE Day

IMG_1235 IMG_1237

IMG_1251 IMG_1280


Twenty-five Crosby-Ironton students who are members of the Service
Adventure Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.) participated in a one of a kind event
called WE Day that was held at the Xcel energy center in St. Paul on
Wednesday, November 12th. There were 18,000 other students in
attendance to an event that you can’t buy a ticket for. WE day is a free event
to all student organizations that commit to doing a local and global service
project. WE day was organized by Free the Children, which is an
international charity and educational partner. WE day was founded by
brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger to provide empowerment to young
people to go out into their communities and serve and make positive changes
and turn their ideas into action, which they call WE ACT. This was the
second WE day event in Minnesota and there are more than a dozen cities in
North America that will host WE day events this year.

The day was filled with famous motivational and inspiring speakers, such as
Martin Sheen, Magic Johnson, J.R. Martinez, Spencer West, Kweku
Mandela, and the first lady in space Lt. Colonel Eileen Collins. There were
also less famous speakers that captivated the audience equally as well, and
they were young people who shared their stories about what they are doing
to change the world and make it more positive, such as speaker Ashley
Murphy. Students also heard stories about how acts of service and kindness
changed the lives of survivor of Rwandan genocide Clementine Wamariya,
and students Faith and Juliette from Kenya, and Mama Helen from Kenya
who heads up other mamas in Kenya to make jewelry for sustainable living.
Students were also entertained by famous artists including, the Band Perry,
Colbie Caillat, and iLuminate. More information about WE day can be
found on their website at

This WE day experience was made very personal for the twenty-five
students S.A.L.T. students from C-I because they were selected to have front
row seats at this event. Of the 500 schools in attendance at WE day, Crosby-
Ironton students knocked the socks off of Free the Children employees with
their acts of service last school year. Seats at this awesome event for most
schools are first come first serve, but this group of students had a WE day
volunteer waiting for them at the entrance gates and then told them about
their front row seats to the event. During the show, Crosby-Ironton students
were recognized for their awesome service projects and had the spotlight on
them for a moment. There were only a dozen other schools that received
this recognition. The students were shocked at this recognition only because
service is just something that this group enjoys doing. They don’t do it for
the recognition. Last year the S.A.L.T. group organized an event in Serpent

Park called Walk 4 Water and raised $900 for well that will supply clean
water in Kenya. Students also completed a lot of local service projects such
as WE Scare Hunger, which is a service project in which students trick or
treated for food for that was then donated to the Crosby food shelf. The
students completed WE Scare Hunger last year and this year. Students also
collect the recycling in the high school each week, do mineland clean-ups,
serve at the soup kitchen, and much more. This group is always looking for
more local ways to serve others.

The bus ride home from St. Paul was on opportunity to de-brief the event
and plan future service projects. The S.A.L.T. students have chosen Ecuador
for their global project. Free the Children has five pillars to support children
in third world countries and they include: clean water, education, food,
health and medicine, and sustainable jobs. This year S.A.L.T. students have
chosen sustainable jobs.

The S.A.L.T. students would not have been able to attend this event without
the financial support of the Cuyuna Lakes Education Foundation, who
provided the money for transportation to and from St. Paul, and Community
Education for covering sub cost. Students left WE day inspired and
motivated to go out into their communities and world to serve and make a
difference. All students felt the positive energy and were enthusiastic about
how the idea that all individuals no matter the age, race, economic status, or
physically handicapped CAN make a big change.

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Our Thanks to 2013 – First Half 2014 Donors

$1000 and over:
Randy Klopfleisch – in honor of Leslie Fatiner & Robert Klopfleisch
Clark & Joyce Marshall #
Walter L & Connie R Waffensmith
Wayne & Carol Brezina #
Barbara M & James E Call, MD # –$100 in memory of Sandy Polich
William Chambers #
Cuyuna Range Medical Center #
William V Knoll #
Danno & Barbara Mahoney #– Deep Portage Project
Gail A Anderson – Class of ’59 & Staff ’64-‘65
Patricia Bayer # – In memory of Donald Bayer
John B & Wendy L Christenson
Bryce & Phyllis Cunningham #
Robert P Ferrari #
Terry L & Judith A Fields
Peggy J Gates #– In honor of Sisters Louise & Marion – Class of ‘63
Dallas& Priscilla Giddens #
Michael & Linda Gutzman #
Mary A Kingsley #
Mike Kneeland #
Martha M Knoll #
Robert T Kreitter
George & Mary E Kuhlmann #
Debbie L Berg Lindahl – Class of ‘78
Robert Manning & Linda Lawrie #
Frederick & Helen Markwardt #
Robert M & Deborah J Mirau
John & Diane Newstrom #– in honor of Bill Frey
David & Cynthia Owens – Class of ‘75
Gail Paull #
Robert Polich – in memory of Sandy Polich
James H & Elberta Prestegard #
Ronald C & Scena C Proodian
Annett M Rocca #
Beverly Salminen – in memory of Eileen
Natalie Spalj #
Gwen Y Stanich #– In memory of Joe Stanich
Gary & Carolyn L Steinke
John & Dixieen Stirwalt #
Charles R & Margaret M Tindell
Patrine Turnbloom
Christine Weldon – in honor of Carol Brezina
$ 1-99:Anonymous
Patricia Banks # – Class of ‘59
L.D. & B. L. Bebeau
Vera J Breeden – Class of ‘59
Carol A Carver #
Jim M & Judith M Christenson – Class of ‘79
Richard & Marjorie Dahlager #
John & Lorraine DeBlock #
Raymond & Carol Dionne #
Susan E Miller-Faris # –Class of ‘65
Richard Fields #
Mavis L Gerlick #– Class of ‘47
Donald A & Rosalinda Grgurich – Class of ‘59
P Jeanne Griffin #
Raymond & Juanita Hawks #– Class of ‘51
Robert E & Barbara E Hoeft
Ric D Larson
Thomas J Libby #
Harold J & Margaret F Perpich – Class of ‘43
Dale & Loretta Rohwer #– in memory of Emil Zauher
Sam & Anne Sambar- # in memory of Anne (Hasskamp) Sambar –class of ‘67
F Robert & Ruth Sandin #
Herbert C & Barabara J Schoon
Lawrence & Marian Severt
Mary J Ecklund Tollas – Class of ‘82
Carol Howe-Veenstra – Class of ‘71
Paul J & Maria Vranish
Robert & Dianne Wentz #
Donald W & Carla J Williams #

# – Also donated during 2012 campaign

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C-I Students see “Of Mice and Men”





With the help of a CLEF grant, over forty students from Mr. and Mrs. Gaffney’s College Composition and Intro. to Literature classes were able to make a trip down to St. Paul to watch the play “Of Mice and Men” on December 17, 2013. They were able to experience an excellent performance of an American Classic at the Park Square Theater.

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C-I 7th Graders Participate in Canoemobile Event

2013-09-26 09.20.06

2013-09-26 10.49.35

science field trip 014

On September 26, the Canoemobile – a traveling fleet of six Wilderness Inquiry Voyageur canoes – rolled into Brainerd.  Hailing from Minneapolis, the Canoemobile is roving the country on a mission to get youth out paddling on their local waterways. The Canoemobile is brought to Brainerd by Wilderness Inquiry in partnership with the National Park Service and Trust for Public Land. An outreach effort of Urban Wilderness Canoe Adventures (UWCA), the Canoemobile program will serve the area’s public middle, junior high and senior high school students.

Crosby-Ironton’s 7th grade class was among a number of school groups that were able to participate in this awesome event.  The seventh graders from C-I paddled for an hour an half on a section of the Mississippi River near Green’s Point Landing and also participated in fun and challenging team building and character education games for an hour and a half.  The leaders from the Wilderness Inquiry group lead the activities that focused on things such as teamwork, cooperation, respect, responsibility etc.

The transportation portion of this field trip was paid for by the Cuyuna Lakes Education Foundation, who offer grant opportunities to Crosby-Ironton students.

The Canoemobile was launched in 2010 and inspired by the “Bookmobile,” which  brought environmental literacy to urban youth in cities across America.  The twenty-four foot, hand-made cedar canoes carry ten people and are captained by trained Wilderness Inquiry guides.

Brainerd is the fourth stop on the Canoemobile 2013 tour.  This year’s Canoemobile, with  various federal and local partners, will travel to nineteen cities, including Chicago, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington, D.C. (go to the entire list).

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