About Cuyuna Lakes Education Foundation

In 1992 Dr. Gary Grittner, a 1963 C-I graduate, contacted Superintendent Bruce Grosland about establishing a foundation that could do for C-I those things that might not be possible with public funds. He sent a check for $1,000 to the soon to be established foundation and gave some suggestions for its direction. Since then Dr. Grittner has contributed substantially to the Foundation.

The first group of Foundation directors met in November 1992. The Foundation was incorporated as a 501(C) 3 corporation in December 1992. The members have been meeting monthly since then.

Dr. Grittner’s original idea was to build an initial fund that would earn enough interest to finance projects that would enrich education at C-I. Some examples he gave were funding a chair, bringing in educational and inspirational educators and sending a teacher or student to some educational activity that would benefit education at C-I. He specifically indicated that scholarships to those who left C-I were not as important as funding people who would return to C-I with their renewed ideas and enthusiasm.

The Foundation contributed to several small projects at C-I including the large “Ranger” on the south side of the building, school-spirited signage inside the High School Commons area and equipment for several departments. The Foundation was also an umbrella organization for the last All Class Reunion.

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