Cuyuna Lakes Education Foundation Fund Drive Update



Last month the Cuyuna Lakes Education Foundation (CLEF) began a fund drive to raise $10,000. If that goal is achieved by year end, the Initiative Foundation will match it with an additional grant of $10,000. CLEF sent out letters to a large number of graduates of C-I High School and they have responded very generously.  So far over $7,200 has been raised and the $10,000 goal is in sight.  If you have not yet considered a donation please do so.


CLEF, through its endowment base, provides grants to enrich educational opportunities.  Some examples might include field trips, science fairs, state High School League competitions, concerts, plays, lectures by experts, and special equipment needs. The mission is to offer C-I students an educational edge that was available to previous generations but is becoming more difficult today with the economic pressure on government institutions.  The presence of quality schools is vital to our community as we look to the future. Our students deserve to be as academically well-prepared to pursue their life goals as we can provide. Some of these students will ultimately bring that knowledge back to the Cuyuna Lakes area and keep our community strong for future generations.


Anyone wishing to make a tax deductible donation and help meet this challenge grant is invited to send a check, whether large or small, to Cuyuna Lakes Education Foundation, P.O. Box 355, Deerwood, MN 56444. Please write the check to Initiative Foundation – CLEF.

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